Connecting communities and partners with their heritage

All the Trustees and members of the committee are local residence with a strong interest in finding out about the history and preservation of Irthlingborough.

Irthlingborough is the smallest town in England. We have seen a great interest in what the Society is doing, and with the help of Oxford, this will increase.

There is no charge for joining the Society and we currently have nearly 60 members with a goal of around 100, which will include a range of age groups and families. All will be actively encouraged to participate one way or another in the Society with members young and old alike.

We anticipate that we will now involve both Schools in Irthlingborough, History Departments, to nominate keen pupils to help in 2018.

With the correct funding it so hoped to be able to sponsor one or two young local Students through University to study Archaeology as a Degree.

Our main sponsor is a successful local company, who are keen to involve other local companies in participating in the dig in 2018. These Companies will be encouraged to have corporate days at the digs so that local employees can have active roles in discovering their past.