Irthlingborough Archeological Society

Overall Aims of the Irthlingborough Archaeological Society

The Aim of the Irthlingborough Archaeological Society (IAS) is to discover, investigate and record the archaeology of Irthlingborough for future generations.

The group is committed to involving and encouraging the local community, especially children of the town, to become interested in its rich history.

The IAS is committed to working closely with the Irthlingborough Historical Society

Current Focus

The current focus of the IAS it to investigate the archaeological remains on the lower slopes of the Nene valley close to the Electrical sub-station at the bottom of Tannery Cottages.

Overwhelming evidence has shown the presence of settlement here during Iron Age and Roman periods. With its close proximity to the recent Higham Ferrers and Chester Farm discoveries, it is hoped that the Irthlingborough Investigations will add to the growing knowledge of settlement along the Nene Valley.

How to join us

The Society, in anticipation of future finds and increasing public interest, has established a Web Site, Email address and Facebook Site, so that the community can participate, and follow what we are up to.

There is no charge for joining the Society and we currently have nearly 60 members.

We are a Community Society and consequently we are trying to get as many local businesses and people to become involved.

Simply send us an email via out website using the form below, or directly to with your name and we’ll contact you once we’ve added you to our society.

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